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In addition to addressing philosophical issues of artworks in general (types of aesthetic value, the purpose and function of artworks, the types of interpretive strategies, and so on) I focus my critical writing on the poetics of literature especially poetry (issues such as the way metaphors make their meaning, the variety of poetic musical devices, and the explication of various poets and their poems).

To see how I’ve revived and modernized the Cento form of poetry and other criticism in poetics click here.

My poetry is a form of Cento, a rare and endangered species these days. I quilt poems.  My poems use the landscape of the Pacific Northwest as a vocabulary for exploring the interface of human and nonhuman nature – the “human shore”.  The poems are imagistic and musical in a subtle – meditative and conversational – way and show the influence of Roethke, Stafford, and Snyder.

To see a collection of some of my centoesque poems click here.